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All Work No Play is the upcoming film from Bedside Productions in cooperation with Morph Film. The project is led by director Marco Stoltze but is in all ways a collective process. It is Marco’s suggestion on how to integrate intimate human stories in the creation of pornography. It is a break with porn’s general method and will instead utilize the methodology of a documentary film making. There are no predetermined expectations of how the cast should perform, they are rather invited into an open process of developing the project as part of the team.

All Work No Play is an exploration of male sexuality and intimate relations between men. Through a series of experiments we want to see if it is possible for a group of men with different sexual orientations to be naked and horny together, without it necessarily ending in sex. We want to inspire men to relate to each other in new ways, beyond identity and sexual preferences. A relation consisting of openness, courage and curiosity.

In addition to the film itself, this project will be documented both on film and in photos.

For this project we are looking for 10 (cis-)men aged 18-35 with various sexual preferences. The first 3 are already onboard, so we are still searching for up to 7 more men to join us. We hope that you will contact us if you feel like you might want to take part in the process – and hopefully in the film that follows.
If so, please write a few lines about yourself to info@bedside-productions.com

Read more & support our crowdfunding campaign here.

Director Marco Stoltze
Producers Benjamin Muasya
Anne Sofie Steen Sverdrup
Film photography Nicolai Lok
Photography Birk Thomassen
Sound Martin Schacke