The producer and director will always initiate conversations with the performers leading up to the shoot in order to discuss overall frames, specific expectations, concerns and boundaries. In these conversations we want to create a shared understanding of what will happen and build a solid foundation of friendliness and trust. 


The producer will have in-depth conversations with performers about the distribution plan for the project and present a contract where the performer can add restrictions in time, geography, promotion etc. The producer will also act as soon as possible taking down material from our website, should a performer wish to withdraw their consent to distribution. 


The producer and director is responsible for making sure to the best of their ability that the performer is emotionally, physically and mentally prepared for the production and the distribution. 


The producer will not change the agreed upon frames for sexual content of a production in the last week leading up to the shoot. 


The producer will inform the performers about current and up to date safer sex practices and provide condoms, lube, gloves and other safer sex equipment as wished for by the performers. The producer will also make sure all performers can show up to date proof of testing for all common STDs before starting a shoot. 


The producer will facilitate debrief conversations for performers, director and emotional fluffer after a shoot and will inform the performers on the progress of post-production and distribution of the project.

For transparency, the producer will always be credited in the film with their full name.