A person who chooses to share a part of their sexuality with the world is a generous person who deserves our utmost respect and care. At the same time the role of the performer is by far the most stigmatized role in any porn production. That’s why our founders were in front of the camera for our first film “Boy oh Boy”, and that’s why we continue to centre our performers in any production, aiming to create the best possible experience for those who share so generously of themselves.

We believe that building a solid support-network of like minded people is key in enabling us to express ourselves freely. In our projects we do this by open and honest communication and information-sharing, by prioritizing building friendships and trust in our teams and by establishing a climate where it is always ok to raise concerns, change our minds and share what we feel.

Being in front of the camera for the first time can be a huge decision that requires time and reflection – something that will always be respected in our projects.



The performers decide the sexual content of the film, within the agreed upon overall frames of the project.

There are no demands or expectations concerning orgasm or erections. It is entirely up to the performers, how they enjoy sex and how they show it. 


The performers will not be asked to perform any sexual act off camera. In case the performers themselves wish to practice or prepare any specific part of the shoot, this must always happen on the initiative of the performers, with informed and enthusiastic consent of each participant. 


The performers decide who they want to work with.

The performers will have conversations prior to a shoot, sharing relevant boundaries and desires, clarifying frames and building trust, facilitated by the producer and the emotional fluffer.


The performers will be presented with current –  and up to date – information about safer sex practices and decide how to practice safer sex themselves. The producer will help facilitate testing for STDs and will provide all needed safer sex equipment.


No one will be on set during shoot without the performers prior knowledge and consent.

The performers will have the opportunity to watch and accept the final edit of the film they are participating in, before distribution.

The performers can discuss and share freely about their experiences on set and from the production period, as long as it does not compromise the anonymity of another performer.

The performer can choose to withdraw from the project at any time – also after distribution. In which case we will remove the material from our website. We do this to ensure that we prepare and facilitate the best possible process and experience for our performers – every time.