Emotional Fluffer

To make sure the performers are doing well emotionally, physically and mentally, we always have an emotional fluffer* on our projects.

The emotional fluffer is there to make sure that the performers needs are met and that their boundaries are respected. The emotional fluffer is always in touch with the performers leading up to the shoot, are present on set, and are available to the performer during the debrief period that follows a shoot. The emotional fluffer can be a personal friend of the performers if that is their preference.

On set, the emotional fluffer will give the performers opportunities to reflect on how they are doing along the way, initiating conversation, ordering breaks, giving out hugs, food, drinks – giving the performers their undivided attention while looking after their well being and helping them raise any concerns along the way. 


* The term emotional fluffer is coined from “fluffer”, a person employed to keep a performers’ penis erect on set. We don’t worry too much about whether or not a penis is erect, but we do worry about our performers wellbeing.



There will always be an emotional fluffer assigned to any Bedside porn production. This person should be approved by the performer(s) and included in the flow of performer information leading up to and following the shoot. 


The emotional fluffer will have conversations with the performers leading up to the shoot and during the debrief period that follows. The fluffer will ask how to best assist the performer in the process, discussing boundaries, potential triggers, needs, concerns and lines of communication. 


The emotional fluffer has the mandate to overrule the production crew in decisions regarding the performers wellbeing and the conditions on set. 


The emotional fluffer has the mandate to cancel the shoot at any time, should they deem the continued work of the performer irresponsible in any way. Therefore the emotional fluffer should always be a person who is confident in the task and who does not have any conflicting interests.


The emotional fluffer will be credited in the film with their full name.