We want porn to be a playful and positive extension of our sexualities.


We want to manifest different takes on sex, eroticism and intimacy. Creating a space for stories to be told by the people they concern, connecting artists, creators, performers and technicians, with a wide spectrum of experience, to create the porn we want the world to see – on our own terms.


Through porn, sexy raves and other creations focusing on sexuality, we wish to arouse everyone’s curiosity and desire for self-expression, and through thoughtful creation, we hope to encourage a nuanced conversation on porn and its potential.

Bedside Productions was co-founded in 2018 in Copenhagen, by Anne Sofie Steen Sverdrup and Caroline Due.

Today Bedside consists of those who are involved in projects at any given time – a loosely structured collective of people with different skill sets and backgrounds, but shared values.