We make porn without the bitter aftertaste that often follows the high. Usually this bitterness comes from a lack of information and transparency. Who made it? Did everyone give their enthusiastic consent? Were the performers treated with dignity and given agency in the process? How are the working conditions?  

We want to manifest different takes on sex, eroticism and intimacy. We want to create a space for stories to be told by the people they concern, while maintaining a flexibility that allows all participants to create instinctively, contributing with their unique talents and experiences.

All performers in our productions explore and set the frames for how they want to have sex and work with with each other. Personal chemistry, understanding and curiosity towards each other’s experiences and boundaries are essential parts of finding the right match. Emotional safety and an enthusiastic shared desire to work together is the starting point for the conversations where the performers start defining their shared work.

In order to live up to our ethical foundation we focus on building trust and friendliness in our teams. The performers are the most generous people on set – willing to share an intimate part of themselves for other people’s enjoyment – and for that they deserve a very real influence and the right to define the content of their performance. They are also the ones who will have to carry the largest emotional burden, potentially facing stigmatization and judgement for their participation – and for that they deserve the full attention and support of a caring and robust team.

To make sure the performers are doing well emotionally, physically and mentally, we always have an “emotional fluffer” on our sets. This person is also part of conversations with the performers leading up to the shoot and the debrief period that follows. The emotional fluffer is there to make sure that the performers needs are met and that their boundaries are respected. Typically, the emotional fluffer will give the performers opportunities to reflect on how they are doing along the way, asking questions, ordering breaks, giving out hugs, food, drinks – giving the performers their undivided attention. The term emotional fluffer is coined from “fluffer”, a person employed to keep a male porn performer‘s penis erect on set. At Bedside we don’t worry much about whether or not a penis is erect, but we do worry about our performers wellbeing.

Bedside Productions connects artists, creators and technicians, with a wide spectrum of experience, to create the porn that they want the world to see. Each contributor works according to their own personal instincts and style. The result is an eclectic manifestation of sexuality. We invite you to a playful and lighthearted space. A space where sex equals freedom. We incite imagination, intimacy, raw lust and conversation. In solitude or connection.

Bedside Productions is founded on a genuine interest in sexuality and gender, both from a personal and political viewpoint. We believe that positive representation of bodies, sexualities and different sexual practices, combined with wholehearted lust and a transparent processes is what we need to see in porn today. We are working to remove shame and stigma attached to both porn production and consumption, making porn a more accessible topic and treating it as a positive extension of our sexualities.

Through porn we wish to arouse everyone’s curiosity and desire for self-expression, and through thoughtful creation, we hope to encourage a nuanced conversation on porn and its potential.


If you would like to initiate or take part in a project either as a performer or behind the camera/on the production, then you are very welcome to write us on mail.

Please include some info about how and why you want to contribute, as this makes it easier to initiate conversations on specific collaborations. And please have patience – we are run by volunteers.

If you are a person of colour, belong to a sexual or gender minority, have experience in sex work or are otherwise marginalized because of your body or function, gender or sexual practise , we especially welcome your ideas. Our brains and voices are needed to define what is sexy. And our experiences should be manifested.

To contact us use info@bedside-productions.com